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Revolutionizing new teacher development

New teachers bring tremendous potential to schools. When things go as planned, they bring innovative ideas and energy for making a difference. Unfortunately, young professionals sometimes seem overwhelmed by their responsibilities or struggle to provide the structure and leadership needed to respond to the challenge of the position.

Formal and informal mentors frequently provide new teachers with guidance that helps them apply their formal preparation to real-life teaching. Sometimes, though, efforts by new teachers, mentors, and administrators fall short.

Teachers and administrators who find themselves in this situation may find new life through our New Teacher Success Coach program. This program delivers individualized solutions to persistent challenges through a menu of courses and coaching delivered conveniently through a computer or mobile device. It's almost like having a personal coach in your pocket, responding any time and anywhere to provide strategies and encouragement. Contact us today to discover how easy and affordable it is to tap into this revolutionary program! Click here for a video introduction to the program.